By Pamela Hess UPI Pentagon Correspondent From the International Desk Published 12/13/2002 4:36 PM WASHINGTON, Dec. 13 (UPI) — The military could be called on to keep order and quarantine affected areas if there were a smallpox outbreak in the United States, according to a Defense Department response plan completed in September. The White House and Pentagon unveiled plans Friday to begin vaccinating health-care workers and as many as 500,000 military personnel against the release of smallpox on the battlefield, but it also has a... Read More

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UPDATE FROM DR. HOROWITZ and APPEAL FOR SUPPORT Dear Healthy World Member: Our apologies for being out of touch for awhile. We were compelled to suspend publication of this Healthy World Newsletter for a couple of months to defend against the hostile takeover of our companies, the theft of our inventories, and the legal demands that followed. This issue contains a SPECIAL REPORT of high value impacting in the natural healing arts and sciences, and music industry as well. The article was written by Dr. Horowitz. It EVIDENCES God’s LOVE as... Read More

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