PART 2: URGENT PRACTICAL ADVICE ABOUT RADIATION PROTECTION Dear Friends of This is Part 2 of practical natural ways to protect yourself and your loved ones from radiation exposures that are expected to begin soon. This article was written by Stephen Hoffman of Compass Natural, LLC, and I want to thank him for sending me a copy for your perusal. Again, we are asking everyone to pray for many needed miracles, to secure the safety and protection of humanity, all life forms, and Mother Earth. The more 528 output you can... Read More

URGENT PRACTICAL ADVICE ABOUT RADIATION PROTECTION Dear Friends of Below is the best article with the most practical natural ways to protect yourself and your loved ones from radiation exposures that are expected to begin soon on the mainland US and Hawaii. I do not know who the hero is who wrote it, but it was forwarded to me, and now from me to you. Hoarding of potassium iodide supplements are expected to continue, and we have very few bottles of Brown Seaweed Extract left in stock. We expect to have a couple hundred more... Read More

Dear Healthy World Supporters, We need your help, as this important article has been blocked from going out to many of you, and we need to have it go “viral.” It is urgent that we get this information out, to help protect two of our own, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, and Sherri Kane, who authored this article in Dr. Horowitz’s defense. The article, that we are asking you to spread everywhere on the Internet, contains urgent information that exposes the key players who are behind very hideous child molestation crimes. But they claim they... Read More

CIA/FBI Film-faker and Famous Church of Satan Agents Exposed in Mind Control Black-Op to Neutralize “Dissidents” By Sherri Kane Los Angeles–In the “War on Terror,” dark forces in the media control the masses by spreading fear, and this article exposes a C-grade filmmaker with ties to the CIA/FBI and Church of Satan advancing a mind-control operation to neutralize opposition. On Sunday, February 13th, at the “Conscious Life Expo, 2011,” Church of Satan-linked CIA/FBI child molestation specialist, Ted... Read More

The “528LOVERevolution” SPECIAL Coast-to-Coast AM SHOW on “528: The Pure Tone of LOVE,” with Host Rob Simone and guest, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, to be Broadcast, Sunday Night/Monday Morning, Feb. 13/14. Los Angeles, CA–Dr. Leonard Horowitz will celebrate awesome revelations about discovering “the pure tone of LOVE”–528Hz–with nationally syndicated talk show host, Rob Simone, on late night’s most popular radio program, Coast to CoastAM, on Sunday night/Monday morning, February 13/14, from... Read More

NEW e-BOOK Gives Proof that GOD Exists and LOVE Rules: Stunning Math Proves LOVE/528 Music is Key to Creation Los Angeles, CA–LOVE, a vibration of energy at the heart of spirituality, has a frequency of 528Hz, and is “key” to the music of creation, according to amazing new evidence revealed in The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE, by best-selling author, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz. The worlds of science and religion must now account for the mathematics, physics, and metaphysics of LOVE–the “Universal... Read More

“YES WE CAN” DEMAND FREEDOM OF THE PRESS OBAMA’S SECRET SERVICE & POLICE BLOODY JOURNALIST A story about a bloody finger and human rights violations. Honolulu, HI– A three-women independent film crew from a local cable access television show had a violent run in with police and Obama’s Secret Service that has outraged journalists nationwide.(Click here to watch video.) It happened right before the New Year, when the host of a * We Are Change program accompanied by her camera woman, and investigative journalist... Read More

HOROWITZ & KANE HIT MAINSTREAM: JOURNALISTS MAKE HISTORY EXPOSING THE ILLUMINATI Jessie Ventura and BigPharma’s ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ Expose The Gulf Oil Sabotage on TruTV Hollywood–Jesse Ventura on TruTV made history on Friday reporting on “30 Facts Evidencing the Rothschild League of Bankers Planned the Gulf Oil Crisis,” by journalists Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane. Ventura interviewed Dr. Horowitz, the Editor-in-Chief of Medical Veritas journal, and investigative journalist, Sherri Kane, previously... Read More

WILL YOU PULL YOUR MONEY OUT OF BANK OF AMERICA? THIS NEW WORLD FINANCIAL DISASTER IS WHAT THE ILLUMINATI ORDERED by Leonard G. Horowitz and Sherri Kane A plot to cause Bank of America to fail has been hatched involving WikiLeaks and its CEO, alleged “activist,” suspected CIA operative, Julian Assange. This article presents related evidence and commentary in advance of a threatened run on Bank of America by depositors frightened by what appears to be an organized conspiracy to crash the US economy. Many years ago, the wizards behind... Read More

SENTENCED TO VACCINATIONS or FACE JAIL-TIME by Sherri Kane Jackson, MI (Healthy World News; 11-26-10) It looks like “PharmaFascism” has defeated religious freedom in America. Dr. Timur Baruti’s patient, Michelle Cochrane, 20, arrived at his office completely upset over Jackson County’s Judge Susan Beebe’s ruling that she get her 2-year-old daughter, Brooke, injected with five vaccines, or go to jail, pay a fine, and even have her child taken from her. According to Dr. Baruti, a Michigan based family physician who was... Read More