Dear Healthy World Affiliates, These are the “End Times”–bizarre, wonderful, challenging, and opportune. For those of you expecting June and July commission checks, they are being mailed tomorrow. We apologize for the delay, it has been an eventful six weeks. We discovered in late June that our entire organization of companies, especially the program, had been infiltrated and targeted for extermination by Dr. Horowitz’s x-wife and her office manager, Rhonda Goade. The plot included blackmail,... Read More

CHOOSE THE MIRACLE OF LOVE, JOY, FAITH & BRAVERY. . . . The “528LOVERevolution” NOW PLAYING On You Tube! Dr. Horowitz’s Message: Dear Friends of a Healthy World, This week, on Tuesday night, 9PM Pacific Time, Sherri Kane and I will be replaced on our weekly “Insight Hour” program on by co-hosts Barbara Hartwell and Jenny Hatch–two outstanding journalists/activists. These great women, who have been working to save children, have been heavily attacked by the same COINTELPRO operators that have... Read More

528 Musical Medicine: Holy Water for Natural Healing Honolulu, HI–A SPECIAL Internet broadcast featuring Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane interviewing honored guest Mike Anderson about a cancer patient who sought and found help with OxySilver will air tonight, 9PM Pacific Time on Revolutionary details in The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE prove that OxySilver functions like a “Holy Water.” OxySilver is the world’s most advanced silver hydrosol that triggers miraculous healings the same way the... Read More

Billboard HERALDS 528 RECORDING ARTIST AMERIIE and NEW “CYMATICA” ALBUM The “528LOVERevolution” Hits Mainstream HOROWITZ FANS REJOICE: VIEW EXPLANATION HERE! Billboard magazine (July 14, 2011) is heralding recording artist Ameriie’s new album, “Cymatica Vol. 1” recorded in 528Hz. It is the first time a major entertainment industry publication has honored the pure tone of LOVE–528Hz–the “Universal Healer.” Ameriie is a multiple Grammy Award nominee and winner of the 2006 ASCAP... Read More

IN MEMORY OF DR. FRED BELL: APPEAL TO PLEASE HELP HIS CHILDREN DEAR HEALTHY WORLD MEMBERS & FRIENDS: It is with great sadness that I relay to you the passing of one of the world’s brightest lights in the science and technology of bioenergy– DR. FRED BELL. “Fred,” who died very mysteriously within hours of being interviewed by Jesse Ventura for an upcoming segment of Conspiracy Theory, was a humanitarian specializing in human protection from electromagnetic radiation. He was my good friend, and a most honorable... Read More

2nd Attempt to Get You This Urgent Information. The mailing was blocked from most viewers. It is archived here: Please post this all over the Internet. We need to have this go “viral.” This article is also available on the website on, by CLICKING HERE. The foreword to the article is included below, as is the text only document (missing the links and many photos that evidence the shocking facts. There will be more breaking news to follow, so please... Read More

f this newsletter is blocked from your view, please visit A Personal Message from Dr. Leonard Horowitz Dear Healthy World Member, Below is BREAKING NEWS that I have LINKED HERE in case you prefer to read this most urgent publication on a web page,and refer others to it. You will find this article is the most shocking expose I have contributed in three decades of journalism. This report is co-authored bySherri Kane, who I thank for opening my eyes up to the story you are about to read, and for actually helping to save my... Read More

Trouble in Paradise: Famous Doctor Files $3 Million Negligence Claim Against Hawaii County Dear Healthy World Member, Dr. Horowitz requests your prayers for protection against land thieves who have stolen title to his ministry’s estate on the Big Island of Hawaii. The small group of criminal conspirators, aided by gross negligence of police investigators, and the complicity of Hawaii County Building Department officials, have stolen title to the 27-acre Kingdom of Heaven estate that features Hawaii’s only lava-heated steam saunas and... Read More

IF YOU ARE SICK AND SAD OVER CURRENT EVENTS. . . . RADIATIONS? CHEMTRAILS? POLLUTIONS? WARS? CANCERS? AND NEW DISEASES? CHOOSE THE MIRACLE OF LOVE, JOY, FAITH & BRAVERY. . . . The “528LOVERevolution” NOW PLAYING On You Tube! Dr. Horowitz’s “528LOVERevolution” presentation was just posted on YouTube. CLICK HERE to view this ONE-HOUR SPECIAL PRESENTATION with information that can solve every urgency facing humanity. SCIENCE, RELIGIONS, SPIRITUALITY, MUSIC, and HEALTH CARE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. . . Here’s... Read More

Dear Friends of & Our dear beloved brother, Dr. Masaru Emoto, is calling for a united world healing prayer for ocean waters that are being polluted by radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan. His request can be seen here on YouTube. This is very timely, as I will soon be posting on YouTube my recent “Conscious Life Expo 2011” lecture on The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE. This information best explains the miraculous healing power of faithful prayer involving... Read More