EVALUATING COLLOIDAL SILVER PRODUCTS The quality of a colloidal silver product can be determined by following the items outlined on this page. All of these items are important in choosing a high quality product. They include: the manufacturing process, purity, size of the silver particles, concentration (ppm, that is, parts per million), absence of chemical additives/chemical stabilizers and food coloring, pH, stability (shelf life) of the product, and efficacy. The product you purchase should meet the following criteria: 1. Manufacturing... Read More

“PharmaPrinting”: The Medical Industrial Complex Wants Control of Your Herbs copyright 1997 by John Hammell (Reproduction Encouraged: Please Reprint Widely- Permission Given to Reprint as Is) In a matter directly related to the Codex International Threat to Health Freedom, on December 4th, an alarming press release came to my attention titled: “New Technology, Global Initiative to Bring Herbal Medicines into Modern Medical Science Announced by World Health Organization Today.” In the press release, the World Health... Read More

To all concerned about health freedom: For information in subject line, please scroll down about one foot. Subject: German WHO Codex Dietary Regulations The Germans have the largest phytopharmaceutical industry in the world. They want to dominate the world wide sale of herbal products. Other multinational pharmaceutical companies want to control herbs, but also ALL OTHER dietary supplements, and they’re trying to on a country by country basis as well as through the Codex commission. Who’s on the ‘Dietary supplement label... Read More

RE: CODEX = PHONE AND E-MAIL CAMPAIGN FOR CITIZENS Please continue to call, mail, and e-mail your legislators IMMEDIATELY or they will outlaw free access to healing herbs, botanicals, and vitamins. Cut and Paste the follow letter to these Senators: James M. Jeffords, VT (R) 202-224-5141; fax: 202-228-0338 e-mail: vermont@jeffords.senate.gov Daniel R. Coats, IN (R) 202-224-5623; fax: 202-228-4137 Judd Gregg, NH (R) 202-224-3324; fax: 202-224-4952 e-mail: mailbox@gregg.senate.gov Bill Frist, TN (R) 202-224-3344; fax: 202-228-1264 e-mail: senator... Read More

UN REGULATION ENDORSED BY USA GOVT In a message dated 97-10-30 07:00:27 EST, hmawn@juno.com writes: Subject: Urgent–Stop this “Secret” Bill from Passing Now! THIS MESSAGE IS SENT ON BY BOB ROSS FOR YOURSELF AND ALL THE PEOPLE YOU CAN FORWARD IT TO IMMEDIATELY CODEX This concerns the right to use vitamin supplements and therapeutic dosages of herbal remedies, food supplements and generally all forms of healing methods based on non-pharmaceutical approaches! It is NO JOKE. We are about to lose our hard won health freedoms RIGHT... Read More

CODEX RED ALERT- U MUST FORWARD TO SENATE (BETTER YET ALL MEMBERS OF CONGRESS) This article was written upon request from a member of Senator Hatch’s staff who is trying to understand our concerns about the harmonization language in S.830 (seehttp://www.pnc.com.au/~cafmr/hammell/s830-sen.txt) (explains how S.830 is dangerous) It is imperative that we get the harmonization language removed from S.830, or our food and drug laws will be made the same as the European Union’s. (We must be equally vigilant regarding a house companion bill,... Read More

From: Kathi Brillault <brillpro@mainnet.com Reply-To: brillpro@mainnet.com To: All Vaccine, Military, Patriot and Healthcare Networks From: Kathi Brillault We did it! Thanks to primarily Dr. Len Horowitz, Capt. Joyce Riley, and the thousands of networkers, including the loving parents and grandparents, who alerted their friends and family in uniform to Dr. Horowitz’s anthrax vaccine concerns, we forced the Pentagon to change its anthrax policy. Dr. Len Horowitz and Captain Joyce Riley have been laboring on behalf of Gulf War Vets and the... Read More

A CONTROVERSIAL VACCINE PROGRAM SUMMARY: A Reserve USAF NCO writes about his concerns for the Anthrax program. By An Air Force SNCO Our troops need to hear more information on the Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program that is being forced upon them. Interestingly, the State Department changed their Anthrax vaccination program from mandatory to voluntary, in May 99. If Madeleine Albright and Strobe Talbot don’t have to get the shots forced on them, why do our troops? This controversial vaccine program has weakened our Reserve Force.  Lots of... Read More

We Must Have The Freedom To Choose & Respect Everyone’s Choice *************************************************************** Any information obtained here is not to be construed as medical OR legal advice. The decision to vaccinate and how you implement that decision is yours and yours alone. *************************************************************** Subject: ANTHRAX CLOUDS SILVER LINING Date: Sat, 13 Mar 1999 07:46:09 -0800 From: karin schumacher <via@access1.net Reply-To: Carolyn <ppva@velocity.net Organization: vaccine... Read More

“THE OVERTHROW OF THE AMERICAN REPUBLIC, Part Three by Sherman H. Skolnick 10/12/01 THE ANTHRAX COMMISSARS Invoking War Power-like authority, the Younger Bush White House ordered the suppression of certain news under the disguise of plugging up leaks of so-called “military secrets”. The details. For a number of years the State of Michigan, through Michigan State University, owned and operated the Michigan Biologic Products Institute. They had the exclusive contract with the Department of Defense to, among other things, develop... Read More