BioPort Gets FDA Approval – Forced Anthrax Shots To Resume By Maj Glenn MacDonald. USAR (Ret) Military 1-26-2 It has to be the ultimate irony. In the last days of the Clinton Presidency, thanks to media exposure and a near-rebellion in the ranks, the Department of Defense all but suspended its draconian forced Anthrax-shot program, which had destroyed the lives and careers of thousands of men and women in the military. The brass-hats at the Pentagon were unprepared for the firestorm of criticism from the American public, when... Read More

Tetrahedron, LLC Health Science Communications for People Around the World 206 North 4th Avenue, Suite 147 � Sandpoint, ID 83864 208-265-2575 � FAX: 208-265-2775 NEWS RELEASE Release: No. DITA-369 Date Mailed: June 4, 2002 For Immediate Release Contact: Elaine Zacky-208/265-2575; 888/508-4787 Science Expert Urges Senate Investigators to Consider Overlooked Intelligence in Anthrax Mailings Along With 9-11 Attacks Sandpoint, ID – A leading health science expert has linked the anthrax mailings to Sept. 11 attacks, and urged Senate... Read More

Is the FBI Dragging Its Feet? Barbara Hatch Rosenberg, Federation of American Scientists 5 February 2002 For more than three months now the FBI has known that the perpetrator of the anthrax attacks is American. This conclusion must have been based on the perpetrator’s evident connection to the US biodefense program. In addition to this signpost, the perpetrator has left multiple, blatant clues, seemingly on purpose: second letters, addressed similarly to the anthrax letters and containing powder, sent to most (and possibly all) the anthrax... Read More

More Anthrax Shenanigans: Don�t Believe Everything You Read An Opinion/Editorial by Dr. Len Horowitz May 10, 2002 Anthrax is in the news again.(1,2) It may soon be back in the mail as well. Particularly if you, along with other concerned, but befuddled, Americans, fail to relay this warning and intelligence. On May 7, 2002, the New York Times contradicted dozens of earlier reports and expert testimonies that the strain of the mailed anthrax had been hyperweaponized.(3-5) Undermining his own credibility, science investigator William Broad... Read More

Pentagon Shifts Anthrax Vaccine to Civilian Uses By JAMES DAO with JUDITH MILLER NEW YORK TIMES WASHINGTON, June 28 – The Bush administration announced a new anthrax vaccination policy today, including plans to continue vaccinating some military personnel and to stockpile for civilian use a large part of all the anthrax vaccine being produced for the Pentagon. Under the new policy, which reverses an earlier plan to vaccinate all military personnel, the Pentagon intends in the next two weeks to begin vaccinating those who are expected to... Read More

An Open Letter and Question for FBI Director, Robert Mueller, from Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, Prepared for Broadcast on “Inside Out,” Hosted by Michael Levine on KRLA radio in Los Angeles December 17, 2001. Dear FBI Director Robert Mueller, I don’t know whether you have seen Sunday’s Washington Post(Dec. 16, 2001) article by authors Rick Weiss and Susan Schmidt entitled “Capitol Hill Anthrax Matches Army’s Stocks: 5 Labs Can Trace Spores to Ft. Detrick,” in which a short list of your chief suspects is... Read More

The following press release and attached letters document the premeditated attack by Clifford Kincaid-a self-proclaimed “anti-communist,” and Director of the Committee to Protect Medical Freedom–against Dr. Leonard Horowitz and, published by Joseph Farah, that began August 20, 2001. NEWS RELEASE Release: No.39-Kincaid/1 Date Mailed: August 24, 2001 For Immediate Release Contact: Contessa Morton-208/265-2575; 800/336-9266 Dr. Len Horowitz Responds to Anticommunist Right Winger Clifford Kincaid: Award Winning... Read More

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Dr. Len Horowitz Profile in Making A Difference Ever heard it said that AIDS was a U. S. Government concoction aimed at killing off undesirables through contaminated vaccines? Meet the man principally responsible for advancing the evidence – Dr. Len Horowitz – a Harvard graduate, public health authority, and independent investigator. Dr. Horowitz’s specialty is health science and government cover-ups. The author of more than two dozen books, audios and videotapes covering diverse topics from dental self... Read More

NEWS RELEASE      Release: No.00-EV/13 Date Mailed: October 19, 2000 For Immediate Release Contact: Contessa Morton,208/265-2575; 800/336-9266 AIDS/Ebola Author Defends Embattled African Presidents: Reports Outbreaks May Be “Man-made” and CIA-linked Sandpoint, Idaho Two African presidents, defending against the political and biological damage caused by AIDS and a new Ebola outbreak, may find relief by giving their nation’s health ministers a reading assignment. So advises the author of a bestselling book on the two... Read More

News Release Release: No.33-DIA/6 For Immediate Release Date Mailed: July 10, 2001 Contact: Christopher Rudy  208/265-2575; 800/336-9266 Horowitz Publishes � Death In The Air� Expos� Sandpoint, Idaho – Veteran conspiracy investigator and health rights activist, Dr. Len Horowitz, has done it again.  His new book clearly documents the failure of public health policies to deal with the onslaught of �non-lethal� chemical, biological and radiological agents that are waging a war of attrition against the immune system of... Read More