“Wake up!”¬† I recently wrote the Managing Editor of the American Dental Association’s (ADA’s) “ADA News.” I was disgusted by her heinous support for what I perceive is a deadly covert agenda aimed at undermining U.S. constitutional rights and the American family institution. I was responding to approbations which the ADA leadership accorded an ADA/Colgate Oral Health Survey conducted in New Orleans at the 1994 annual convention. Press releases picked up by the national press heralded: “In just one year,... Read More

Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H., P. O. Box 402, Rockport, Massachusetts 01966. Telephone: 508-546-6586; Fax: 508-546-9226; E-mail: mailto:tetra@tetrahedron.org; URL: http://www.tetrahedron.org Curriculum Vitae Work Experience 1992-1993, Hydrodent Laboratories, Woodbridge, New Jersey, Professional consultant and media spokesperson for the corporation. Responsibilities include developing marketing surveys and conducting behavioral research to evaluate consumer attitudes towards oral hygiene performed in the shower; writing research... Read More

Dr. Len Horowitz¬† – Profile in Making A Difference Ever heard it said that AIDS was a U. S. Government concoction aimed at killing off undesirables through contaminated vaccines? Meet the man principally responsible for advancing the evidence- Dr. Len Horowitz-a Harvard graduate, public health authority, and independent investigator. Dr. Horowitz’s specialty is health science and government cover-ups. The author of more than two dozen books, audios and videotapes covering diverse topics from dental self care to spiritual healing, it... Read More

“Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse“ By Drs. Leonard G. Horowitz and Joseph Barber (Puleo) To whom it may concern: As the publisher of the book “Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse,” I wish to thank the vast majority of Christians who have contacted us to praise our work. However, a few so called “fundamentalist Christians” have written or called to voice concern regarding much of the book’s content. One man who purchased the book called us to complain that we are “satanic.”... Read More

June 17, 1997 David Satcher, M.D., Ph.D. Director Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Atlanta, GA 30333 Dear Dr. Satcher, Thank you for your letter of May 22, 1997 in which you articulate your honest reluctance to discuss my iatrogenic theory of HIV/AIDS’s origin in which the CDC is implicated. It was, after all, predictable that you would withdraw your invitation to me to visit the CDC to discuss these “issues of mutual concern.” To complete our exchange, however, I feel compelled to respond to your statements: 1)... Read More

November 30, 1996 Ms. Terry Allen Editor CovertAction Quarterly 1500 Massachusetts Avenue NW, #732 Washington, DC 20005 Dear Terry, Thank you for inviting me to reply to the article “Tracking the Real Genocide” by David Gilbert. The following is my response: Dear Editor: I applaud David Gilbert’s effort to set the record straight regarding “AIDS: Conspiracy or Unnatural Disaster?” in your Fall 1996 issue. His claim that the “real genocide” may be tracked to “a two-tiered public health system rooted... Read More

July 15, 2001 Dr. Carolyn Bormann, N.D., C.P. Dear Carolyn, Thanks for your letter concerning Mr. Boyd Ed Graves. I had no idea he used his book, and my heart-felt support, to bash Christians and Jews in support of his personal, political, and gay agendas. Furthermore, I have never seen, read, or reviewed his book. I do not know what he is quoting me as saying about his book (or work in general). Could you kindly relay this information? I have been expecting to receive a copy of Mr. Graves’s unpublished manuscript, but it has not arrived as... Read More

An Interview With Dr. Leonard Horowitz By Tony Cecala The following is an interview with Dr. Len Horowitz, one of healthcare’s most captivating speakers, who will be featured at the upcoming Barnes & Noble Wellness Conference on October 17, 1999. Dr. Horowitz is the Winner of the 1999 World Natural Health Organization’s, Author of the Year Award for his best selling book “Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola–Nature, Accident or Intentional?“ T. Cecala: Dr. Horowitz, your research has linked the AIDS virus and other... Read More

Subject: RE: ANTI-GOVERNMENT PHOBIA. You are mentally ill? Special thanx to William (The Hillbilly) Beeler mailto:<cenmonet@socketis.net, for forwarding this document. I keep telling myself this must be a spoof, as it is the most inane piece of supposed research I’ve seen of late… Check out the Acknowledgements, which are of no great surprise. A CLINICAL ANALYSIS OF ANTI-GOVERNMENT PHOBIA Ivor E. Tower, M.D. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry Volume 11, series 3, pages 4-5 Abstract This study conclusively demonstrates that unfounded... Read More

August 31, 1998 To: KCXL Radio Kansas City, MO FAX: 816-792-8258 and Mr. Bob Wolfson Director Anti-Defamation League of Omaha (and Kansas) 333 South 132nd St. Omaha NE 68154 FAX: 402-333-5497 e-mail: bob912@adl.org From: Leonard G. Horowitz, DMD,MA,MPH P. O. Box 2033 Sandpoint, ID 83864 208-265-2575 FAX: 208-265-2775 e-mail: tetra@tetrahedron.org Jews, Christians, and Neo-Nazi Propaganda Today: An Open Letter to the Anti-Defamation League and KCXL Radio, Kansas City, MO. What is the Anti-defamation League’s position on Messianic Judaism?... Read More