A Chronic Illnet Interview with Vaccine Developer Dr. Sweet Article: After Thirty Years, Prominent Polio Vaccine Researcher Confirms Suspicions About Monkey-Virus Contamination By T.J. Moriarty [For several years, many of us challenging the medical scientific, AIDS, and vaccine establishments have wished for reputable scientists involved in the early years of vaccine research and testing to come forward with the truth regarding the risky nature of their activities, particularly as these risks relate to many of our current and coming plagues.... Read More

By Maree Curtis of the Sunday Age BABIES who are not immunised run a higher risk of dying from cot death, according to international research. In separate studies, Dr Caroline Blackwell, a senior lecturer at Edinburgh University Medical School, Scotland, and Dr Carl Lindgren, from the department of paediatrics, Oslo University, Norway, found immunisation provided increased protection against sudden infant death syndrome. Dr Blackwell and Dr Lindgren are keynote speakers at the Australian SIDS conference in Melbourne this weekend. Dr Lindgren said... Read More

Dr. Neustaedter, I have a couple of questions. The first is regarding the renaming of non-paralytic polio to meningitis in the 1950’s. I heard about that a few months ago. If it’s true of course the stats on polio in this country would not be accurate after that point. Do you know about this? Where could I find more about this? I’m also wondering if you can tell me when they stopped growing the polio virus on rhesus monkey kidneys. Do you believe there might be a link between AIDS and the rhesus monkey as some authors have... Read More

By Dr. Len Horowitz The March 1999 “Vaccines” feature in Parenting magazine provided all propaganda one would expect from a subsidiary of Time, Inc. Time-Warner, Inc., the parent company, is a corporate member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Time’s president, Richard D. Parsons, and the Editor-in-Chief of TIME, Norman Pearlstine, are longstanding CFR members. One CFR published policy objective is substantial worldwide depopulation including half of the current U.S. population being targeted. This population reduction... Read More

Polio; Mass Vaccination Better Than Routine Vaccination Source: Vaccine Weekly Oral polio vaccine (OPV) is better when taken with company. Lots of company. Comparison of OPV immunogenicity after multiple routine childhood vaccinations and after mass vaccination campaigns in Jordan showed that OPV is more effective when administered en masse. The findings suggest that adding further doses of OPV to the routine schedule is unlikely to have as great an impact on the immune state of children as administering the same number of doses during mass... Read More

Mothers and Vaccines: Saving or Destroying Children’s Lives? The Summer 1996 issue of “Mothering” magazine contained a well-intended article discussing the “risks and benefits” of vaccinations. The article’s context, however, was dangerous to the public’s health and welfare. Immunization critics were labeled “radical.” Is this truly a radical position? First, many intelligent parents recognize the manipulative power of the media through what it often provides–eighty percent truth and... Read More

More vaccines planned for military troops… BIRMINGHAM, Ala., June 19 /PRNewswire/ — Birmingham-based Southern Research Institute has landed a contract to develop drugs, vaccines, and toxoids to protect U.S. Army troops abroad from dangers ranging from biological warfare to exotic diseases. Under the contract, estimated at $10.5 million, Southern Research will conduct toxicology studies on new and existing drugs. The institute is already working on complex toxicology studies on an antimalarial drug and an anticyanide agent. Those task... Read More

December, 1996 Mr. Frank Lalli Managing Editor Money Magazine Time & Life Building Rockefeller Center New York, NY 10020 Dear Editor Lalli, December’s “Lethal Dangers of the Vaccine Business” was a great public service. As the author of Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola_Nature, Accident or Intentional? I congratulate Money for being the first mainstream publication to expose this horrifying medical_pharmaceutical debacle_oral polio vaccine contamination with the carcinogenic monkey virus SV40. Many of our current and coming... Read More

Top Vaccine Scientist Responsible for More Vaccines than any Other to Receive Albert B. Sabin Gold Medal and Award for Lifetime Achievement Source: PR Newswire NEW CANAAN, Conn., April 11 — Dr. Maurice R. Hilleman, the scientist credited with the development of more vaccines than any other person, and recognized for saving tens of millions of lives worldwide, will receive the Albert B. Sabin Gold Medal in a special ceremony next month in Washington, D.C. Considered by many to have contributed more to disease prevention than such notable... Read More

Attached is a superb article published today in Ohio, where the legislature is reconsidering its mandatory Hepatitis B vaccine. Note two important aspects of this article: (1) it discusses actual physicians opposed to the vaccine and (2) it discusses the financial ties of the AMA and AAP which taint their endorsement of the mandatory vaccine. It is worth sending this article to any legislators in other states considering the mandatory vaccine requirements. Some oppose hepatitis vaccine for kids Kevin Lamb DAYTON DAILY NEWS Wednesday, April 28,... Read More